About Us

Since Ancient Times, Man has been drawn to the beauty of Nature's gemstones and crystals. Many knew of the healing energies and protection that the stones provided, and with their faith, they used them to improve their lives, relationships and health. Mystery still surrounds these stones but science has now proven the energy and chemicals they emit. I have experienced this for myself and now, this is where you come in. The energies of our World are changing and you must adapt. You need to protect yourself from energy drain, negativity, stress and the emotions of others. This can cause dis-ease. If you are sensitive to energy shifts, you are more prone to this. Like something magical, crystals can sweep you up and calm you down. Lepidolite, Smithsonite, Rose Quartz, Blue Topaz...how mystical each stone is. You will love learning about the different metaphysical gifts that each unique piece holds. This is exceptional jewelry designed by artisans by hand with diverse gemstones, using techniques that were handed down for generations using quality materials. This is 925 silver and top quality gemstones. Each artist reveals the true beauty of the stones they work with. Revere these crystals and they will honor you. Reiki-charged and smudged.
If you are ill, please see a doctor.
Please search the Knowledge Base provided on this site and others sites for information on each stone's healing help.